The fund shall herein be known as, “SISI KWA SISI” Or SKS.


Shall include all registered members of KWITU Inc. at all times.


Render or Mobilize financial aid to SISI KWA SISI members in good standing as per the rules of the fund following bereavement.

Bereavement shall constitute the death of an SKS member. Member and up to five (5) Immediate Family covered persons (Spouse, Children (Adopted/Step), Parents, Siblings ONLY) as listed on the member application form under the covered section.


The event covered will be the death of an SKS member. Member and up to five (5) covered persons (Immediate family members: Spouse, Children (Adopted/Step), Parents & Siblings ONLY). The list of five (5) Covered Persons does NOT include the SKS Member.

  • Contributions will be as follows in the event of death (subject to change):
  • Self (Registered SKS member) $25
  • Covered Persons: immediate family members $15
  • If a member loses two Covered Persons at the SAME TIME, the SKS Member contribution will be $30 ($15 per person). However, the SKS Committee will extend the payment contribution period to twenty (20) days.


  • SKS Bereavement Fund pays PER DEATH, not PER MEMBER. Related SKS members [Sisters/Sisters, Mothers/Daughters] or ANY other relation should NOT cover the same Covered Persons. If a person is covered (Covered Persons) by over one SKS member, then the SKS Bereavement Fund will pay one (1) of the SKS members at the rate of $15. The committee cannot make an exception to this rule and will pay per death, not per SKS member.
  • Bereavement campaign for an SKS member takes precedence over other campaigns in case of a member’s demise. For example; if an SKS member dies, her campaign will take priority over other campaigns.
  • SKS will make an exception for Covered Persons following a request in writing with sufficient proof from the member. SKS reserves the right to decline the request if sufficient proof is not forthcoming.
  • SKS will not honor contributions made outside the SKS campaign.
  • SKS members who benefit from the SKS bereavement fund cannot replace the Covered Person/s for five (5) years from the day the monetary benefit was rendered to the SKS member.


  • Members shall provide their official names, valid addresses and phone numbers for communication purposes.
  • Members shall submit an application form indicating qualified covered persons as stipulated on the Covered Persons/Events section.
  • Members will pay their dues on time as per the rules of the fund.
  • Members must provide accurate and truthful information to the fund custodians.
  • Failure to fulfill all the above conditions (1,2,3,4) will result in the decline of a claim/dismissal from the SKS fund.


  • SKS Fund Membership​: Membership is Mandatory for all KWITU Inc. members.
  • SKS Fund Membership​: Membership shall not be traded or replaced.
  • SKS Admission:​ Admission of new members is open throughout the year and can be accessed at SKS Committee will vet potential members through data review and interviews.
  • Covered Person (s) Exception:​ SKS Committee at its discretion, may grant exceptions to SKS members to amend their covered person (s) list because of the following life-changing events:
    • a. Marriage
    • b. Divorce
    • c. Birth and or Adoption of Kids

    NOTE:​ Death is not a qualifying event for amending Covered Persons.

  • New Member Probation​: The probation period for membership shall be the first 90 days from the official starting date (approved by Fund Committee). During this time, there shall be NO payouts to any SKS members for 90 Days. Members who are on probation will neither participate nor benefit from the SKS fund during the 90 days probation period.
  • Report of Death:
    • a. Death Notification: Contact SKS Committee at [email protected] to report the death of a Covered Person within 30-Days of their passing. File for your Claim through the CRM and provide all the required proof needed.Failure to honor that, the claim will be denied. The Committee reserves the right to deny any claim deemed suspicious.
    • b. Documentation & Death Verification: SKS will provide an electronic Death Claim Notification Form REQUIRED to initiate a death claim of someone covered by the SKS Bereavement Fund. Proof of death (Death Certificate, Newspaper articles, Social Media Announcements, etc.,) MUST accompany the Death Claim Notification Form for verification before the team can start a Bereavement Fundraiser. SKS Committee shall confirm reported death against our database by using any form of official ID or birth certificate.
  • SKS Funds Contribution: SKS Members have ten (10) days to make payment contributions following the bereavement announcement. Payment after ten (10) days is considered late and SKS will enforce the late fees penalty accordingly. SKS approves the bereavement campaigns in the order in which the SKS committee receives the written requests.
  • Payment Method & Announcement: Members shall pay all contributions via the KWITU CRM web app. The bereaved member must receive contributions within the (10) days from the date the campaign was initiated by SKS. Every member is responsible for their individual contributions as stipulated in the bylaws. SKS is not liable for unpaid funds by the members.
  • Late payment penalty: After the ten (10) days contribution period ends, the following rule will apply to members who fail to make contributions.
    • a. Failure to make payment within ten (10) days contribution period will incur late fees of $5 per day for up to a maximum of $50 outstanding amount owed.
    • b. SKS will extend a grace period of seven (7) days after the initial ten (10) days contribution period.
    • a. When a donation is made to a campaign, does not take any part of it. Our Payment Processor (Stripe), takes a fee of $2.9% + $0.30 from each donation, but none of that goes to
    • b. Payments made through our Site are passed on to the claimant immediately and are under the control of the Stripe Account connected to the Campaign.
    • c. Contributors making donations to a campaign should consider the payment to be final and without the possibility of a refund.
    • d. In the event that you as the contributor disputes the payment with your bank and bank honors the dispute, you will be suspended from SKS funding until after paying for the disputed claim plus corresponding fees associated with that dispute. Stripe dispute fees equals the total amount of the claim. E.g If the claim is $15, total required to get back active will be $15 + $15 dispute fee= $30. Said fees will be raised as an invoice in the CRM and must be paid in full before member can access their dashboard.
    • e. At times the Payment Processor (Stripe), may automatically issue refunds in cases in which the account connected to the Campaign is not properly activated, has insufficient information about the connected Bank Account or Account Owner, or when there is suspicion of fraudulent activity.
    • f. If a Payment Processor Account is not fully activated, with Charges and Transfers approved, the Payment Processor will automatically refund all donations 21 days after the donations were made.
  • SKS Suspension: The member will be suspended for 90 days if payment is not received at the end of the grace period seven (7) days. The member is expected to pay owed contributions by the end of the suspension period. Failure to make payment will cause termination from the fund.
  • SKS Termination: Members can terminate SKS membership voluntarily. This, however, means that when one withdraws, they cease to be members of KWITU Inc. By accepting monetary contributions from the SKS bereavement fund, the member agrees and accepts to be legally bound by the following conditions:
    • a. Previous beneficiaries of the SKS fund must stay active and in good standing with SKS fund for five (5) years following the date of their last beneficial event.
    • b. Member agrees to pay 100% of the previously received payout amount from the SKS members if she leaves the group after accepting contributions from SKS members. The member must refund all monies in full or SKS reserves the right to sue the member for breach of contract.
    • c.Member agrees to pay legal fees and administrative fees incurred in the attempt to recover the payout amount received from the SKS members if she leaves the group after accepting contributions from SKS members.
    • d. If a claimant defaults and the case is sent to KWITU INC lawyer, there will be $500 legal fees and not limited to any other fees incurred to file for a case in court.
  • SKS Fund Management: The SKS fund officials /Custodians shall oversee and maintain the fund's activities including protecting members against abuse and Fraud. A purposeful misrepresentation of facts during SKS application or while claiming benefits is FRAUD! SKS committee will hold a member legally liable if determined to be an offender. The offender must pay back the money collected from the bereavement fund and penalties of up to $5000 per offense. SKS through KWITU Inc. reserves the right to file legal regress if a determination is made that the claim is fraudulent.
  • Confidentiality: Both members and the SKS committee share not share members’ personal identifiable (PII) information outside SKS or to 3rd Parties.
  • Social Media Guidelines: SKS uses Social Media platforms to communicate with members. It is the members’ responsibility to follow SKS Social Media platforms including; Facebook and Telegram in addition to electronic mail. SKS Telegram Group should be used for Bereavement Announcements only. Suggestions, comments, and other communications should be directed to [email protected] or posted on Game Changers Facebook Group.


SKS Bereavement Fund Director:​ (Aileen Mucangi)


  • Coordinate and supervise daily operations
  • Help develop and implement plans and goals for the department
  • Ensure compliance with regulations and internal policies
  • Offer guidance and direction to members and other custodians
  • Oversee meetings
  • Represent SKS Committee in KWITU Director’s Facebook Group
  • Responsible for managing covered persons

SKS Bereavement Fund Assistant Director:​ (Mindi Shenye)


  • Lead SKS committee in the absence of the Department Director
  • Work with the director to coordinate and supervise daily operations
  • Monitor correspondences between members and SKS e-mail box
  • Act as a liaison between SKS and KWITU Inc. administration on important matters like suspended members, reporting bereaved members for administration follow-up, etc.
  • Responsible for managing covered persons

Secretary:​ Lydiah Ombogo-Ouko


  • Keep Records pertaining to the Fund Membership
  • Take minutes at Fund meetings
  • Schedule meetings
  • Update the group on any developments within the fund
  • Create Bereavement Campaigns on KWITU CRM App
  • Make Bereavement Announcements on SKS Telegram Group, E-mail communication, and Game Changers Facebook Group
  • Have a good understanding of the fund guidelines and regulations
  • Other duties as assigned by Fund Director

Assistant Secretary:​ (Diania Lawrence)


  • Assist the secretary and step in whenever the Secretary is not available.
  • Have a good understanding of the fund guidelines and regulations
  • Cooperate with and assist the Committee and other office bearers with their duties and responsibilities
  • Other duties as assigned by Fund Director and Secretary

Treasurers:​ (Jane Kirema, Mary Karunga, Charity kebungo)


  • Track and record bereavement campaigns payouts
  • Monitor and reconcile all proof of payments received via KWITU CRM App
  • Make sure that all the payments are paid on time and that the bereaved get all the funds as required.
  • Share reports with the group as needed.
  • Assist Secretaries with KWITU CRM App Campaigns as needed

Claims Approval Team

  • Rosie Murungi
  • Lydia Ombogo- Ouko
  • Diana Lawrence

Suspensions Team

  • Charity Kebungo
  • Lydia Ombogo-Ouko
  • Mary Wanjiku Karonga

CRM Reconciliations

  • Mindi Shenye
  • Kezzy Njenga
  • Jane Kirema

Technical Support

  • Doreen Selly
  • Aileen Mucangi
  • Mindi Shenye


A majority vote can amend SKS fund rules & guidelines. Members shall submit a proposal to make changes to SKS secretary in writing, who will call a meeting for the officials to discuss the proposed changes. A request to amend SKS fund rules & guidelines does NOT guarantee changes to the requested rules & guidelines.


SKS Committee reserves the right to change, modify, add, or remove portions of the rules & guidelines stated in the SKS Project Description document with or without notice if it deems necessary for the interest of the fund. SKS requires a vote with at least 75% participation from ALL SKS Bereavement Fund members to pass and adopt any motion raised by a member and brought forth by SKS Committee. If they are less than 75% of voters, then the Board of Directors shall make an executive decision.